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Alliances: Administration of Texts

This section is only available to the administrator of the alliance and
to members whose privileges include administration.

  • In this section you can define several alliance’s texts.
  • the Public text is visible to all players in the alliance presentation page.
  • the Private text is visible to all members in the alliance presentation page
  • The Application text is visible to all players that don’t belong to an alliance and meet with the requirements established by the alliance administrator for applicants.
  • the News text is visible to all members, at the top of the member list.

Codes for Alliance texts

[b]...[/b] -> Bold
[u]...[/u] -> Underline
[s]...[/s] -> Strikethrough
[i]...[/i] -> Italic

[center]...[/center] -> Center the text

Colours: [red]...[/red] [orange]...[/orange] [green]...[/green] [blue]...[/blue]

To make lists:
[* ] First Dot (without the space between * and ])
[* ] Second Dot (without the space between * and ])

For links you should use:
[url=...]...[/url] -> 1st the url, 2nd the name that you want for the link (you can URL in both if you like)

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