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The purpose of this game is the formation of an invencible empire which is only possible by the process of your territory through research of new technologies, buildings, ships and defense construction.

This game has several essencial concepts for an optimized growth and for you to be aware of them we advise you to read the article that follows:

Now that you know the game basics, you're aware that you start with a colony on Earth. In it you should begin by constructing the economy and Energy evolving buildings (Metal, Diamond and Solar Panels) so that you have enough resources for your activities.

But we warn you, the buidings upgrades will occupy space in your colony. In this case, your inicial colony (on Earth) has little free room in which you must choose carefully the buildings that you want to improve. Due to the limited space we recommend that you colonize other regions on Earth, so that you develop faster.

For a better understanding of the several existing economies and the coordinate system of the game, we sugest that you read the following articles:

At last, when your empire has improved and you are able to colonize other planets, you should leave Earth and search for more advantage locations for your game strategy.

The introduced concepts will give you a general knowledge of the game. There are a few articles that will guide you through the begining of the game, helping you to decide which buildings to improve and what is the best strategy to follow:

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